Family Searching for Answers After Man's Mysterious Death

Alfred Wright’s relatives believe his death was not an accident or drug-related.

Feb. 5, 2014— -- The family of a Texas man who died under mysterious circumstances continues to search for answers.

Alfred Wright's relatives believe his death was not the accident that law enforcement claims.

A loving father and physical therapist living in Jasper, Texas, Wright was last seen on Nov. 7. His family says he had seen a client and was on his way home, when his truck broke down – so he called his wife Lauren to come get him.

Since Lauren was home with their children, she asked her in-laws to pick up Alfred.

But when Lauren called her husband back, she was disturbed by what she says she heard on the other end.

"It was almost like he was in distress," Lauren said. "I had never heard that from him before."

When his parents arrived, they saw his truck – but not Alfred.

His watch and ID were found the next day at a nearby ranch. The police organized a massive manhunt, but after three days, the search was called off.

The family took action, hiring a private investigator and organizing their own search party.

That search eventually led to the discovery of Alfred's body. He was found 19 days after he went missing – in an area where the police claimed they had already looked.

"When we found him, it was actually a relief," his father Dominic Wright said, "because we found him."

The official autopsy concluded that he died of a drug overdose. Toxicology tests showed cocaine and crystal meth in his system, but no evidence of severe trauma.

The family says he did not use drugs – and they will not stop until justice is served.

Their efforts have drawn the attention of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee – as well as the Department of Justice, which has joined the investigation.