FBI Probe Into Eric Garner Death 'Will Take Months'

Choke hold death is now the subject of two investigations.

There is no set timeline for how long the investigation will take, but the law enforcement official said "it will take months."

The federal investigation was launched after a Staten Island grand jury decided not to indict Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo on any criminal charges stemming from Garner's death on July 17.

The Staten Island district attorney's office has already begun handing over evidence to the FBI.

Federal investigators are limited in what information they can get from the NYPD, which has its own internal investigation. They can obtain limited information for limited purposes, but have to be specific in how they apply the information because police officers are required to cooperate with Internal Affairs and can't use Fifth Amendment protections to avoid self-incrimination.

The number of members of the FBI squad dedicated to the case remains unclear, but it is expected to be few agents conducting an intensive investigation.

Investigators will also focus on whether the cops were guilty of using excessive force, which is perceived to be much easier to prove in general and is expected to be an easier case to argue given the cell phone video of the July 17 altercation.