FBI Probes University Professor Over Possible ISIS Support

The feds have interviewed people about the outspoken Kent State professor.

ByABC News
January 20, 2016, 9:17 AM

— -- An associate professor at Kent State University in Ohio is under FBI investigation for possibly supporting ISIS, according to school officials.

The probe was first revealed by a student newspaper after its editor was among those interviewed on campus by the FBI as part of the ongoing investigation into professor Julio Pino.

Kent Stater editor Emily Mills had written “a couple articles” about Pino months ago, and the FBI “just wanted to see what we had talked about in those interviews” and wanted to “get more information on him,” Mills told a local news outlet.

In an interview with the student newspaper, Pino denied any wrongdoing and denied supporting ISIS.

“I have not broken the law. I don’t advocate that anyone else break the law,” he said. “Everything that I’ve done … is perfectly legal.”

Nevertheless, Pino, who converted to Islam, said he fulfills his “duty as an American by speaking out on issues that are controversial, of course.”

In October 2011, he made headlines after shouting “Death to Israel” at a public lecture given by Ishmael Khaldi, a former Israeli diplomat visiting Kent State’s campus. The university condemned his remarks at the time.

In a new statement to ABC News, Kent State said it is “fully cooperating” with “an ongoing investigation,” noting the FBI assured school officials “there is no threat to campus.”

Pino is an associate professor of history, specializing in Latin American history and developing nations, according to the school’s website.