Firefighters Meet Paralyzed Father of Waitress Who Performed 'Selfless' Act

Woodwards' GoFundMe page has collected more than $60,000.

— -- Two New Jersey firefighters, who were touched by a waitress' "selfless" decision to pay for their breakfast last week, are paying it forward as they help raise money for the waitress' paralyzed father.

Firefighters Tim Young and Paul Hullings greeted waitress Liz Woodward with a hug Sunday, according to ABC's Philadelphia station WPVI-TV, and the firefighters finally got to meet the man they are helping raise funds for -- Woodward's paralyzed father, Steve.

The firefighters brought Phillies tickets for Steve, according to WPVI, which could be the first time Steve gets to leave the house other than doctors' appointments in five years.

The firefighters' and Woodwards' story began last week, when Young and Hullings stopped at the Route 130 Diner in Delran after an overnight shift containing a warehouse fire, according to WPVI. When Woodward overheard their conversation, she decided to pay them back for their efforts.

Young shared a photo of the check on Facebook, along with a call for his friends to visit the diner, and to "tip big" if they ever had Woodward as a waitress.