Fireworks Land on Tree, Damage 2 Homes in Sacramento

PHOTO: Screenshot from a video posted on YouTube on July 3, 2015 capturing the scene in Sacramento, California, after fireworks were thrown in the air and landed on a juniper tree.PlayYouTube/deriantsu
WATCH Check Out the 1st Few Moments of a Sacramento House Fire

A person throwing fireworks may be to blame for damaging two homes and engulfing a tree in flames in Sacramento, California, according to fire department investigators.

Someone apparently tossed fireworks into the air and it landed onto a dry juniper tree, ABC station KXTV reported.

The tree caught fire, and the flames later spread to a fence and two nearby homes, Sacramento City Fire Department spokesman Roberto Padilla told KXTV.

Amateur video, which was posted on YouTube on Friday, captured the fast-spreading flames.

No one was injured and the damage to the homes was reported to be minor.

Padilla said that juniper trees are rich in oil and very flammable, particularly in drought conditions.