Florida Family Hands Over 2 Pet Alligators to Theme Park

The reptiles were lifelong pets of the Miller family of Daytona Beach.

May 1, 2014— -- A Florida family that had been raising two alligators as pets turned them over to the Gatorland theme park today, park officials said.

The two reptiles -- a female measuring 7 feet, 2 inches long and a male measuring 6 feet, 11 inches -- were lifelong pets of Larry Miller, of Daytona Beach, and his family, park officials said.

The alligators were to be placed in quarantine while the Miller family reviews options to retain ownership.

Miller helped catch the two gators and helped keep them calm while three members of the Reptile Retrieval team from Gatorland prepared each alligator for transport, officials said.

“This is a situation we often hear about from pet owners who don’t fully investigate the needs of an animal before deciding to adopt or purchase one,” said Chris Sears, director of animal services.

Gatorland is a 110-acre theme park and wildlife preserve.