Georgia Father Jumps on Moving SUV to Save Son in Carjacking

Malcolm Millones was preparing to pump gas when he realized something was wrong.

ByABC News
June 17, 2015, 9:51 AM

— -- A Georgia father was caught on camera jumping onto a moving SUV to save his 8-year-old son from a carjacker who was racing off with the boy in the back seat.

The incident happened Sunday at a gas station on Old National Highway in Fulton County, Georgia.

Malcolm Millones says he was getting ready to pump gas – his fiancée had stepped inside the store to pay – when he realized something wasn’t right. A teen had jumped into the SUV when he wasn’t looking, taking off with Millones’ son Rashaan in the back seat.

“I was shrieking, I hate to admit it, but … I’ve never been scared before until now. I never really felt fear until now, honestly,” Malcom Millones said later.

Millones grabbed onto the side of the SUV as the driver pulled out of the station, beating on the window and hanging on for about a quarter-mile. He fell and broke his arm, but his actions were enough to distract the carjacker, allowing Rashaan the chance to jump out, unharmed.

Rashaan is proud of his father’s heroic actions.

“I would say it’s cool and brave for my dad to jump on a car and get his arm broken for me,” he said.

Authorities are continuing to search for the missing SUV, a silver 2014 Kia Sorento.