Girl Draws Perfect Boyfriend on Snapchat

Can’t find the perfect partner? Why not just draw him?

May 2, 2014— -- Molly Mitchell just found the perfect man on Snapchat. He’s tall, loves to do her dishes, gives her foot rubs and even helps her mom change the car tire.

Only thing is, he’s a Snapchat doodle, and a figment of her artistic creation, but that doesn’t stop the pair from traveling together and going out on romantic coffee dates.

Mitchell, 26, of San Francisco, says that her beau, George Glass (a “Brady Bunch” reference to Jan’s faux boyfriend), is the perfect man, even if he won’t propose and is a bit transparent.

“Love is out there. It’s still alive. I don’t care what you see on E! or Bravo,” Mitchell told ABC News. “The person you’re meant to be with might be on your phone right now.”

Here’s a peek into the couple’s blossoming romance, as documented on her Instagram account @meandmyboifriend.

“George has met the whole family,” Mitchell said. “He and my dad love this History Channel and laughing and he’s so helpful which is really great for my mom.”

Mitchell said that friends expressed concern when they saw her Instagram account, but that they are probably “just protective” because the couple are “going too fast.”