Little Girl Who Survived Fire Received More Than 700,000 Christmas Cards

Cards were all that Sa'fyre Terry wanted for Christmas this year.

— -- A little girl who survived a fire that killed her family had one of her Christmas wishes granted on a global level.

Sa'fyre Terry, 8, lost her father and three younger siblings in a 2013 fire that burned 75 percent of her body.

When asked earlier this month what she wanted for Christmas, she said that she wanted Christmas cards. Sa'fyre's wish was granted several times over.

According to the U.S. Postal Service, she received more than 700,000 letters and more than 16,000 packages in less than three weeks.

USPS spokeswoman Maureen Marion told ABC News the post office had been tracking deliveries to Sa'fyre in Schenectedy, New York, after first hearing about her story.

"You could see incrementally the social media start to go and the mail start to go with it," Marion told ABC News.

Marion attended a "huge" parade that the town had arranged two weeks ago as part of a big delivery for Sa'fyre, which included various police and fire department officials as well as five mail trucks full of letters and packages.

"It was an amazing thing to see because it really moved a whole community," Marion said.

And not just her community, but the whole world. Marion said that there were letters from Japan, parts of Africa and Europe, as well as letters from all over the United States.

"She will have this forever and, I think, for the people who were able to send her a card or a note, they too got a beautiful thing out of this as well," Marion said.