A glimpse inside the Las Vegas shooter's hotel room

Stephen Paddock opened fire from Mandalay Bay Sunday, police said.

WARNING: Images may be disturbing to some readers. 

Photos obtained by ABC News show the massive number of guns in Paddock's hotel suite when police closed in on him Sunday night. There are also hundreds, if not thousands, of rounds of ammunition as evidenced by the stacks of high-capacity magazines.

A body is partially visibly in one of the photos, which is believed to be Paddock.

Some images also show Paddock's room from the outside, with the door busted and covered with police tape.

One rifle is also seen on the floor of the hotel room with a crime scene tag next to it.

Another video taken two years ago inside the same room -- 32-135 -- shows what the view from the suspect's hotel suite looks like. A North Carolina man who stayed at the same Mandalay Bay room while on vacation with his wife in Jan. 2016 shared this footage.