Glorious Leader! New Video Game Pits North Korea's Kim Jong Un Against US Military

Dennis Rodman makes an appearance, too.

May 14, 2014— -- Tensions between the United States and North Korea are at an all time high -- or at least they will be in the fictional video game world of "Glorious Leader!"

Atlanta-based video game maker Moneyhorse announced plans this week to make a video game that allows users to play as North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un as he battles the U.S. military.

Complete with arcade theme music and 2D characters, the game even features Dennis Rodman and Jong-Un toting guns on a basketball court in the opening credits. The game will have seven levels of play that take place at least partly in North Korea's capital, Pyongyang, according to the trailer.

Creator Jeff Miller said today that he had been fascinated by North Korea for a long time before he decided recently to strike out on his own in the video game design world, with two partners, and create their first game under the Moneyhorse moniker.

"It’s the most unique place on earth far as I can tell, and I didn’t know how to process my thoughts on the country, on what they’re doing wrong, on what the international community is doing in response to it. I thought making a game would help me figure out how to have a voice on it," Miller said today.

Miller said they purposefully amped up the ridiculousness so that the game was clearly satirical. He doesn't want to be mistaken for a North Korea apologist, he said.

The retro-style game will be available on PC and mobile. Miller said he hopes to launch the game for public use in November.