GMA's' 'Make Over My Man' Series Gives Self-Described 'Caveman' Full Transformation

Kelly McCall welcomed the opportunity to transform her husband on 'GMA.'

February 09, 2015, 7:23 AM

— -- When "Good Morning America" announced its "Make Over My Man for Valentine's Day" series, Kelly McCall welcomed the opportunity to transform her husband.

"It's been three years since I've seen my husband's face," McCall, of Peoria, Illinois, said, adding that her husband "looks kind of like a wild man right now."

With his thick mustache, full beard and long, curly hair, her husband, Arron, sometimes has a strange effect on people.

For example, when they go to restaurants as a family with their two children, McCall said: "You can see people, you know, turning around to stare at him ... he looks scary to some people."

Her husband, a 41-year-old CrossFit gym owner, is well aware of how his style may appear to others. He has a closet full of T-shirts and athletic shoes, and admits that his idea of dressing up is to wear jeans.

"If I had to describe my look, I would say maybe it's -- it's caveman," he said.

His daughter, Madison, goes even further in her description.

"I told my dad he looks like a hobo when he embarrasses me. Like, we're in public and he'll have food stuck in his mustache or something," she said.

"GMA” style and beauty experts got to work on Arron McCall Monday during the show, putting him into the show's time machine. Stylist Gretta Monahan, hair stylist Ted Gibson and makeup artist Carmindy gave McCall a 60-minute makeover that completely transformed his appearance.

“Oh, my gosh,” Arron said upon his first glimpse of himself in our Times Square studio.

“It’s so different. Oh, my gosh,” is all his wife could muster before wrapping her arms around his neck, giving him a big hug in excitement. And today is actually McCall’s birthday.

“This is the best present,” she said of her husband’s handsome new look.

“I don’t recognize myself,” Arron added, noting he doesn’t even miss his beard. “Thank you very much. I didn’t get to see anything during the whole process so this is just unbelievable. I love it, I really do.”

Here are tips for how other men can achieve their own tremendous transformation at home:

Bonus Beauty Tips

Carmindy's Tips

  • You use a machine to get your body in tip top shape so use one to cleanse all that sweat and dirt off your face. Grab the easy Luna Mini skin exfoliator and a bar of soap to get a squeaky clean smooth complexion your woman will love!
  • Get a moisturizer with a built in SPF and apply it right when you get out of the shower to keep skin hydrated and protected in one easy step.
  • If you have rough patches of dry skin or bumps on the back of arms use a handful of white sugar in the shower to buff away the scaly skin.

Gretta's Tips

If you want to instantly upgrade your man's style without having to take out a loan to buy him an entire new wardrobe, do it with cool, of-the-moment accessories.

Color and pattern are the hot in men's fashion. The easiest and least expensive way to work this into a wardrobe are with men's accessories. These "Accents" are the No. 1 fashion trend right now.

You can immediately upgrade your man's look from casual jeans and button down, to a suit with a cool and current silk tie -- so trendy right now (and wrinkle resistant ) -- and a pocket square to add a pop of color or pattern.

Don't be afraid to add a colored belt or patterned pocket square to easily upgrade his look. I love the classic sophistication of a vintage lapel pins and a modern tie clip.

You can find head to boot accessories for guys, right down to colorful socks and shoe laces. They give any classic shoe or boot instant personality.

Ted's Tips

Beards are no longer the mark of an older man and are super hot right now! However, there is a distinct difference between a hot looking beard and a hobo one. Make sure to keep you beard groomed and trim it at least once a week. Please don’t grow it too long. If you can braid it, it’s definitely time for a trim. Also, there are many products on the market that can help to keep your beard clean, shiny and smelling great!

Men tend to forget about the simple things that can make all the difference in your look. Gibson guys please, DO NOT forget to trim your eyebrows and in and around your ears! And in regard to your eyebrows, I’m not saying to wax or thread them like your lady. Ask your barber to trim them up a little. Trust me it will make a world of difference!

I can’t tell you how many of my Gibson guys wash their hair with bar soap or body wash. You need to shampoo and condition your hair too! Healthy, shiny hair looks so great on a man. Take care of yourself and buy the right products for your locks. It won’t take you long and you’ll love the way your hair feels and smells!

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