Gold Bars Stolen: Hear the Moment Stunned Motorists Found the Guards

Three suspects allegedly robbed an armed truck and bound the guards.

Three armed suspects had allegedly robbed a tractor-trailer that was carrying $4.8 million worth of gold and bound the armed guards, who had been driving vehicle on Sunday.

The 911 calls were released this morning by Wilson County emergency communications officials.

"There's a couple guys that look like they've got their hands just tied behind their backs ... trying to wave people down and call the police," the first caller says.

The caller, whose name has not been released, can be heard shouting to the guard, though the guard's responses are unintelligible. However, the 911 caller relays the guard's answers.

The guard tells the man that he and the other guard had weapons but that the suspects took them when they took the gold.

A second caller mentions seeing the guards but not communicating with them.

TransValue Inc. has issued a $50,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest or recovery of the stolen property.