Google Photos Installs Cameras for Animal Selfies at LA Zoo

Motion-detecting cameras have taken photos of snap-happy animals.

— -- Talk about camera hogs.

Google has teamed up with the Los Angeles Zoo and set-up high-tech cameras in animal enclosures so snap-happy animals can takes photos of themselves.

Yes, animal selfies.

The cameras, equipped with motion sensors, automatically take a photo when an animal comes within a certain range of the lens. The selfie-taking cameras have snapped photos since last week.

Selfies taken so far include a giraffe sniffing the camera, a sloth striking a pose, and a red river hog showing off his tusk.

The project is inspired by the new Walt Disney Animation Studios film “Zootopia,” and its organizers say it’s a unique way for zoo-goers to interact with animals via a familiar medium.

And the zoo’s animals don’t seem to mind either.

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