Hundreds of Flight Cancellations Throw Off Holiday Travel

Chicago airports have seen over 900 flights canceled today amid bad weather.

— -- The weather is causing havoc at Midwest airports today as holiday travelers navigate the snow and ice.

These inbound flights are averaging delays of more than four hours. Departing flights are seeing delays of just under an hour, according to

As of 4 p.m. this afternoon, more than 1,900 flights had been canceled within, in or out of the United States for the day. Over 1,000 involve Chicago airports, according to the flight tracking website. Over 400 of these cancellations involve airports in Texas.

By comparison, nationally, there were 200 total cancellations for flights to, from or within the United States on the same day last year, and only 151 Dec. 28, 2013.

Delays so far within, into or out of the United States today already total 3,138.

A typical day in United States sees about 4,000 flight delays and around 200 cancellations, according to

Departures out of Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth are averaging about 27 minutes and 43 minutes, respectively.