Incredible Video Shows Skiing Daredevil Cody Townsend's 'Terrifying' Plunge

The rock walls were a few feet apart at their narrowest point.

— -- Daredevil Cody Townsend is being heralded for his skiing prowess, after newly released video shows Townsend plunging nearly 2,000 feet through a vertical chute, sandwiched between two ridges in Alaska’s Tordrillo mountain range.

The height of the drop is taller than the Empire State Building, or five football fields stacked together.

“It wasn’t actually until I dropped in and then started going and realizing how fast I was going, how narrow it was and how steep it was truly,” Townsend said. “It kind of all came together like, ‘Oh man, this is terrifying.’”

The rock walls were a few feet apart at the narrowest point.

“Oh, my God, that was the scariest thing I’ve ever done,” Townsend said as he reached the bottom of the run, which he recorded on the camera he was wearing.

Video of Townsend’s run – featured in “Days of My Youth,” a film developed by Red Bull Media House and MSP Films – has racked up millions of views in its first few days online.

The mind-blowing feat also earned Townsend three Powder awards, the ski industry’s most prestigious honor.