Teen Arrested in Indiana School Shooting Wrote 'Today Is the Day'

Suspected gunman also wrote on Facebook "You will hear about it."

March 25, 2011 — -- A teenager who wrote on Facebook "today is the day" allegedly shot a student at an Indiana middle school today.

The alleged shooter had been enrolled at the school as recently as Monday, but was either suspended or expelled sometime this week, Indiana State Police Sgt. Curt Durnil said.

"The student that the police have in custody is a former student…this student was no longer a student and should not have been on school property," said Randy Taylor, assistant superintendent of business for the Martinsville School District.

The suspect is a 16-year-old male, ABC News affiliate WRTV reported.

Shots rang out near the doors of the west side of the school building around 7 a.m., 20 minutes before classes begin.

The wounded teen, 15-year-old Chance Jackson, suffered two shots to his stomach and was flown by helicopter to Methodist Hospital.

The family issued a statement saying that Chance is out of surgery and is in stable condition.

"We appreciate all of the thoughts, prayers and support and ask that you also pray for the families of all involved. Please respect our privacy as we focus on Chance's recovery," the statement read.

The victim's mother, Rebecca Jackson, asked the public to pray for the shooter's family, police said.

Police found the 16-year-old suspect two blocks away from the shooting in a wooded area that is near another school, South Elementary School, the Indianapolis Star reported. He was in custody by 8 a.m., police said.

"This was a very coordinated teamwork approach…all known witnesses were interviewed at this time. As much evidence as possible was preserved and processed at the scene... and schools were secured almost immediately," said Robert Cline, prosecutor for Morgan County.

A handgun was recovered in a field near the school, police said. Police are still investigating the motive behind the shooting, but acknowledged that looking at social media will be a key component of the investigation.

"If there is any info out there…or any social media outlet we should be made aware of…we would like to know about that," Sgt. Durnil said.

There are reports that a fight at a school dance last weekend may have led to the shooting.

Alleged School Shooter Posted Foreboding Facebook Message

Police are withholding the alleged gunman's name until he is formally charged, but WRTV reports that on his Facebook page the suspect wrote, "Today is the day." He also wrote, "You will hear about it."

Jamin Shue told WRTV that he knows the teen who was arrested.

"I've never seen him get in this much trouble before," Shue said. "He's just your average teenager. He has fun with his friends. He'll hang out around town."

On March 22, school administrators sent a phone message to all parents warning of a threat that had been made to the high school. It is unclear if the threat made to the high school is at all related to the shooting at the middle school or if the student involved in the shooting made the threat.

Students were released early from school today and will be on spring break next week.

"We all hope a situation like today will never happen but unfortunately it did. We had a plan in place and we carried out that plan…we plan to have counselors available to students upon their return from spring break…we also have increased security in our school system…please pray for the full recovery of our injured student," Assistant Superintendent Taylor said.

Martinsville is a small city about 30 miles southwest of Indianapolis. The Martinsville West Middle School is home to about 578 students according to the school's web site.

ABC Affiliate WRTV and the Associated Press contributed to this report.