Home of Missing Colo. Boy's Father Searched

A search warrant was executed at the home of Mark Redwine Thursday morning

ByABC News
November 29, 2012, 3:15 PM

Nov. 29, 2012— -- While the search continues for 13-year-old Dylan Redwine, who went missing from his father's home 10 days ago in Vallecito, Colo., investigators no longer believe that he ran away.

Instead, the La Plata County Sheriff's office issued a warrant to search the home of Dylan's father, Mark Redwine, Thursday morning.

"We are not calling Mark Redwine a suspect," La Plata County Sheriff's spokesman Dan Bender said in a prepared statement. "It was only prudent to do a more thorough search of that house and property for any information that can help direct us to Dylan."

Fifteen members of the search task force arrived at Mark Redwine's home at 8:30 this morning; it included members of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the FBI, according to the sheriff's office.

La Plata County Sheriff spokesman Dan Bender told ABCNews.com that when Dylan was first reported missing, authorities checked Dylan's father's home to see if the boy was there. Dylan was visiting his father for the Thanksgiving holiday (his parents are divorced).

"We were checking the basement and other rooms, we were seeing if there had been something left on the bed, like his cellphone," Bender said. "We weren't doing a very meticulous search."

Bender said that investigators have ruled out that he ran away, and suspect Dylan may have been abducted or kidnapped. They are also considering foul play.

"We're still hopeful that if it was an abduction, we're hoping we can find Dylan and we're hoping that we can find him alive," he said.

At 1:00 p.m. local time, Bender told ABC News that investigators were still at Redwine's home and "will leave when they feel that they've searched all they needed to search."

The missing boy's mother, Elaine Redwine, had told ABC News she thought her ex-husband may have been involved in their son's disappearance.

The task force is also continuing investigations in the Vallecito Reservoir area for Dylan. The La Plata County Sheriff's Office requested that anyone with video footage of photographs of vehicles traveling between Durango, Colo. and Vallecito Lake, Colo., taken between 6 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 18, and 12 p.m. Monday, Nov. 19, make a copy available to the task force.

Dylan Redwine was reported missing on Nov. 19 by his father, who said he went out to run some errands that morning and left the boy at his home in Vallecito. When he returned home, Dylan was gone, he said.

The boy was staying with his father for the Thanksgiving holiday as a result of a weeklong court-ordered visit.