'Handsome' Mug Shot Felon Says Charges ‘Really Not Me’

"I’m not some kingpin."

— -- The married felon whose "handsome" mug shot has attracted thousands of "likes" on Facebook says he appreciates the attention but is far more interested in clearing his name.

“I just want them [admirers] to know that this is really not me, like I’m not some kingpin,” Jeremy Meeks told ABC affiliate KXTV in a jailhouse interview in San Joaquin County, California.

The mug shot posted on the Stockton Police Department Facebook page has drawn comments worshiping his high cheeks bones, chiseled face and bright blue eyes.

“Momma, I’m in love with a criminal,” one person wrote.

Meeks, 30, was arrested Wednesday as part of a crackdown on increasing violence in a Stockton neighborhood, and police posted his mug shot on their Facebook page. The arrest was on five felony weapon charges and one gang charge, and KXTV reported that he told the station the authorities found a pistol in his trunk.

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The Stockton Police Department, which routinely posts mug shots, said none of them has ever prompted so many Facebook "likes."

“I just visited my wife and she said I like, blew up all over Facebook,” Meeks told KXTV’s Nick Monacelli Thursday.

Meeks, who police say served two years in prison for grand theft, said he wants to put his life on the right path, Monacelli said.