Colorado Student Breaks Ankle on Mountain, Video Diary Goes Viral

Lexi DeForest documented her pain while her boyfriend went for help.

Aug. 19, 2012— -- A Colorado college student's video diary during the time she was trapped in the Wyoming mountains after she fell down a trench and detached her foot from her leg has gone viral.

Lexi DeForest, 21, was climbing with her friend in the Vedauwoo Mountains, a popular climbing area in southeastern Wyoming, when she tumbled 8 feet down a dark trench after she tried to jump across it.

Her video diary, which she took while her friend, Erik Henry, went for help, is filled with humor, pain and a remarkable sense of calm. It has been viewed more than 156,000 times since she posted it on Youtube on Aug. 15.

"Oh, so this is me. I just broke my ankle. Eww. Second time now. This is me moving my foot and it's really gross," she said. "I'd show you more but if I looked at it, I might vomit on myself. And no one wants to see that. But, I don't know first aid for a foot that is not attached to your ankle, I am doing the best I can."

DeForest kept calm by speaking to the camera about her family, friends and Colorado State University, where she is a student.

"Shout out to Erik, thanks for taking me on this adventure. That's not supposed to be rude at all," she said of her hiking companion, who had left behind a trail of glow sticks as he went to get help.

"Actually, this was one of the coolest views I've ever seen," DeForest said.

Toward the end of the six minute and 40 second video, DeForest flags down Henry, who returned with the campground director and paramedics.

"You found me, Erik. Thanks!" she said before wrapping up her video diary.

A study abroad trip to Prague for the fall semester has been postponed, she said.

DeForest is instead preparing to start the fall semester of classes on Monday.

And after two surgeries, she is not yet able to walk, but can wiggle her toes.

"I can't even explain how amazed I am," she told ABC News' Denver affiliate. "Moral of the story is you can surprise yourself in the face of fear."