Llama Drama on the Streets of Arizona as Animals Break Free

Confused llamas wreaked havoc in Sun City, Arizona.

February 26, 2015, 8:51 PM

— -- A pair of confused llamas wreaked havoc in Sun City, Arizona, this afternoon as they ran through the streets while being chased by police.

The llamas were being shown to residents at an assisted-living community before they broke loose, according to Tina Ortega, an employee who called 911.

"We were showing llamas to our residents who have gotten loose and we've been out here for an hour trying to capture them," Ortega told the 911 dispatcher. "We're wondering if we could get some help."

Live streams of the chase and cable news breakouts captivated viewers and the best responses to the stressful chase appeared on Twitter.

It was obviously a perfect time for puns.

And quips.

And business deals.

Some, like President Obama's former head speechwriter, saw the political message behind the chase.

That the black llama was caught before the white llama seemed to some as being reminiscent of a larger problem.

If nothing else, the chase shows how ill-prepared so many U.S. cities are for such a disaster.