Get a Load of the Arm on the World Series Peanut Guy

Vendor on video tosses a peanut bag to a fan way up in the bleachers.

— -- Baseball fans throughout history have seen great arms: Cy Young, Nolan Ryan, even Babe Ruth before he became a legendary slugger. And now, Kansas City fans can point to a performance at Game 1 of the World Series.

Not that the Royals' pitchers did much to impress -- they gave up seven runs. No, people are talking about the arm on a Kauffman Stadium peanut vendor.

The peanut concession man was recorded at Tuesday's first World Series game throwing a bag of peanuts to a fan in the bleachers far above where he was stationed. The crowd burst into cheers as the fan caught the bag and then, after the peanut guy pointed to the price on his chest, threw back money.

The Kansas City Royals organization said it was not familiar with the video, evidently posted to YouTube by a fan on Thursday and previously reported on by Deadspin, and could not comment.

Aramark, which runs concessions at Kauffman Stadium, did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

This is not the first time that vendors have wowed fans with their skills. According to, which recounted tales of legendary vendors, Roger Owens, a former high school pitcher, became known as The Peanut Guy for his ability to throw peanut bags behind his back or from between his legs to fans 30 rows back.