Love Triangle Link Eyed in Texas Dentist's Murder, Police Say

Kendra Hatcher was gunned down in a parking garage Sept. 2.

According to search warrants obtained by ABC News, Dallas police are investigating claims that Kendra Hatcher was being followed prior to her Sept. 2 death -- allegedly tracked by her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend before she was gunned down in the parking garage of her Dallas home.

Additionally, according to the search warrant, the woman allegedly paid an unnamed gunman $500 to rob Hatcher and bring her Hatcher’s driver’s license as proof. ABC News is not identifying the woman because she has not been charged with any crimes.

At this point, the only person charged in the shooting is Crystal Cortes, 23, who was seen on surveillance video leaving the murder scene in a Jeep Cherokee, police said.

Cortes has not yet entered a plea, but police said she “confessed to conspiring” to drive a gunman to the parking garage to rob Hatcher.

Hatcher’s friends remain devastated about the shooting.

“She was so helpless, she couldn’t even do anything, and they just shot her and left her there,” Christine Foley said.