Luka Magnotta Case: Body Parts Allegedly Mailed to Vancouver School Confirmed as Match

Police confirmed body parts mailed to Vancouver schools are same victim.

ByABC News
June 14, 2012, 4:58 AM

June 14, 2012— -- Police in Canada have confirmed that the two body parts mailed to Vancouver schools last week also came from the Chinese student suspected to have been murdered by his lover Luka Magnotta, the Canadian porn actor who alleged killed him, hacked up his body and mailed pieces around the country.

On Wednesday Montreal police Commander Ian Lafreniere said that the body parts match those of Jun Lin, whose foot was mailed to the Ottawa headquarters of the Conservative Party of Canada on May 29. Later that day a package containing a human hand was seized at a post office in Ottawa.

The body parts sent to the Vancouver school were shipped to the Quebec coroner's forensics lab to undergo DNA tests, according to the Montreal Gazette. A torso identified as that of Lin, a 33-year old Chinese immigrant and student at Concordia University in Montreal, was found stuffed in a suitcase and dumped in the trash in Montreal on May 29. His head is still missing.

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"All the body parts that were found -- the torso in Montreal, the foot and hand in Ottawa, the foot and hand in Vancouver -- are from the same body, that of Mr. Lin," Lafreniere said Wednesday evening. "We've had official confirmation with the arrival of DNA test results, and we have also validated this though the presence of Mr. Lin's parents in Montreal."

Magnotta, 29, was arrested in Berlin on June 4 on murder charges. He allegedly filmed himself stabbed Lin to death with an ice pick, chopped the corpse to pieces and mailed them to government offices. He also allegedly also had sex with some of the body parts.

"The state of the body is so bad. It was cut. It was dismembered," Lafreniere said last week. "This is a very hard case for us in terms of being extremely gross. We're still missing body parts."

Magnotta, who has no prior criminal history that police are aware of, is currently in Germany awaiting extradition to Canada, where he will face first-degree murder charges. Extradition is expected before the end of June.

Magnotta has a heavy online presence, with a personal website filled with photos of himself and rambling essays titled "Cyber Stalking" and "Media Propaganda."

Lafreniere confirmed last week that "a video showing the complete murder" of Magnotta's lover was posted online.

Authorities have removed the original video, but Lafreniere said copies are still circulating on the Internet. He called the video and the crime "completely crazy and inhuman" and was baffled that people would continue to circulate the video.

There are also videos online that appear to show Magnotta killing cats and appearing in pornographic films.

Miami police say they haven't ruled out the possibility that Magnotta could have committed an unsolved murder in Miami in 2009. 21-year-old Omar Laparra's body was found in the Biscayne Bay, dismembered and floating in plastic bags. Detectives still don't know how he died.

ABC News' Christina Ng and Dragana Jovanovic contributed to this report.