Male Cat Takes on Role of Mother to Litter of Abandoned Kittens

A cat named Henry has taken on the role of mother to the litter.

ByABC News
May 18, 2015, 11:11 PM

— -- An 8-month-old cat named Henry has taken on the role of mother to this litter of kittens at the Ketchikan Humane Society in Alaska.

Two weeks ago, kids were walking home from school when they saw a cardboard box alongside the road, said Heather Muench of the Ketchikan Humane Society. Inside the box were abandoned kittens, no more than two weeks old, Muench told ABC News today.

"The chances of them making it was very slim at that point," Muench said. "Not having a mother and being left out in the elements, they probably would have died within 24 hours being left in the box."

"When I first got them home, after a couple days, Henry realized there were these little babies. And he decided to hop in there with them and started cleaning them up and letting them crawl all over him," Muench said. "He basically took over the job of mother."

"We feel like him helping to nurture these kittens is increasing their chances of surviving," Muench said.

Henry, who has a neurological disorder that limits his coordination, was originally a foster kitten himself, Muench said. But now she's officially adopted him.

"He's extremely sweet and very affectionate" she said. "He just brings a smile to your face."