LAPD Shooting: What We Know About the Man Shot by LAPD Officers on Skid Row

People on Skid Row called him 'Africa,' according to witnesses.

March 02, 2015, 12:08 PM

— -- Details are emerging about the man who was fatally shot by police officers in an incident caught on camera.

Authorities have not released the man's name, but the Los Angeles County Coroner told KABC that he was a black man in his 30s.

Witnesses told KABC that the man was called "Africa."

"What did he do? He wasn't an aggravated person," said Steven Tugmon, a person on Skid Row who spoke to KABC. "He wasn't mad all the time. He just had mental problems."

The coroner reported that "Africa" was a "possible transient." The shooting took place on the city's Skid Row, a stretch of Central Los Angeles where many of the city's homeless congregate.

The man's official autopsy is pending and a police investigation into the shooting is underway.

The video of the shooting was shared on Facebook and has already received close to 5.2 million views.

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