Manhunt for Accused Pennsylvania Cop Shooter Eric Frein Closes Schools

Survivalist is suspected in a deadly ambush against state police troopers.

ByABC News
September 17, 2014, 9:15 AM

— -- Schools in one northeastern Pennsylvania district are closed this morning as authorities search for a sharpshooting survivalist suspected in a deadly ambush against state police troopers.

Eric Matthew Frein, 31, is accused of firing at police during a shift change at the Blooming Grove barracks in Pike County Sept. 12.

Pennsylvania Cop Shooter Hit Two Troopers and Missed One in 90 Seconds

Suspect in Pennsylvania Cop Shooting Is a Sharpshooting Survivalist

Corporal Bryon Dickson, 38, died in the attack, while Trooper Alex Douglass, 31, is recovering following surgery.

Due to the manhunt, the Pocono Mountain School District – which consists of 10 schools – are closed today because of safety concerns for students and staff.

Authorities received a break in the case Monday, when a man walking his dog in a wooded area noticed a green Jeep partially submerged in a pond and alerted police. Police searched the vehicle and found two spent .308 cartridges, camouflage face paint, a black hooded sweatshirt, two empty rifle cases, and information concerning foreign embassies.

The vehicle was registered to E. Michael Frein, the suspect's father, who is a retired Army major. The father told police that he trained his son to shoot and added that his son "doesn't miss."

He also told police that he was missing two weapons, a .308 rifle with a scope and an AK-47.