Mansion Murder Suspect's Lawyer Fired, Says Daron Wint 'Never Intended' Harm

Former attorney says Wint "never intended or wanted anybody ... to be harmed."

ByABC News
July 2, 2015, 5:59 PM

— -- The D.C. mansion murder case took another strange turn today as accused killer Daron Wint dismissed his defense attorney, who then told reporters that Wint “never intended or wanted anybody ... to be harmed.”

Attorney Sean Hanover said that a disagreement over defense strategy lead to Wint dropping him as his lawyer. The lawyer was dismissed from the case after a brief courtroom conference today, prior to a scheduled preliminary hearing in the case.

Wint is charged in the murder of Savvas Savopoulos, who authorities said was killed along with his wife Amy, son Phillip and family housekeeper Veralica Figueroa on May 14. Police say the four were held captive overnight at the Savopoulos home, and murdered after a $40,000 ransom payment was made. The home was then set on fire.

Investigators said in court documents they believe more than one person was involved in the murders. Wint is charged with the murder of Savvas, but no one else has been charged in the case.

At an impromptu news conference after today’s hearing, Hanover revealed his theory that Wint had been “set up” as the fall guy by alleged co-conspirators in the case. He would not comment on who he believed the other co-conspirators to be.

Hanover was asked if Wint had ever expressed any sympathy for the victims.

Wint "was heartbroken like everybody else at their death. And I can assure you he never intended or wanted anybody -- them or anyone else–to be harmed," Hanover said.

When reporters asked if that statement was an admission that Wint did, in fact, have something to do with the murders, Hanover said, “he has never intended anyone any harm.”

Judge Rhonda Reid Winston appointed Wint attorneys from the Public Defender Service, and rescheduled the preliminary hearing for July 20.

“Justice will be served, and I am confident that the Public Defender Service will bring out the truth in this matter,” Hanover said.