Massachusetts Police Issue Hilarious PSA Warning Against Clown Activity

The Dartmouth Police Department said it has a "zero-tolerance stance" on clowns.

ByABC News
October 11, 2016, 3:34 PM

— -- A Massachusetts police department has issued a hilarious PSA warning residents against participating in the scary clown craze that has taken over the nation.

The video, published by the Dartmouth Police Department today, beings with a role-playing officer pulling up to a park in his squad car and asking a woman if she was "the one who reported a suspicious person in the area."

The woman tells the officer that a guy "popped out of the woods" and scared her daughter "half to death." She then described him as wearing blue overalls and a green shirt.

Once the officer locates a man who matches the woman's description, he pulls up to him and asks, "Hey, you the clown that was scaring the kids back there?"

"Maybe I was, maybe I wasn't," the clown replies. "What are you going to do about it?"

Then, beating clowns all over the world at their own game, at least a dozen officers are seen exiting the squad car one after another. At the sight of the lineup of police officers, the clown is left in fear and quaking in his boots -- literally.

"Not what I'm going to do," the officer says to the clown. "What we're going to do."

Dartmouth police are taking a "zero-tolerance stance on the recent clown craze plaguing the nation," said Public Information Officer Det. Kyle J. Costa, who asked residents to "please keep in mind" that disturbing the peace, trespassing and enticing of the child are all "arrestable offenses."

"Remember, if you want to act like a clown, we have no problem treating you like one," Costa said.

Other police departments have shared similar sentiments regarding people dressing up as scary clowns. Last week, the Palm Bay Police Department in Florida said that due to the scary perception of clowns, the sight of one could make someone think they're about to get robbed or in some sort of danger, and someone could get "shot."