Melissa Duran: Nevada Teen Kidnapped, Held for Ransom Found Unharmed

PHOTO: Two men abducted a Nevada teen when she answered an early morning knock at the door before school on Friday.PlayABC News
WATCH Missing Nevada Teen Held for Random Found

A Nevada teen who was reportedly kidnapped from her home and held for ransom has been found unharmed, authorities said.

Henderson Police told ABC News that Melissa Duran, 17, was located after they served a search warrant at an apartment early this morning.

Authorities said the investigation is ongoing.

On Friday, Duran answered the door for two men at 7:30 a.m. in Henderson when two men grabbed her and sped off in their red two-door car with a blue fender on the front passenger side, according to the Amber Alert.

A neighbor's surveillance video captured the car speeding away.

Neighbors watched as Duran's mother ran after the car.

"All of a sudden, I start hearing screaming around the corner, and I see a mother and her son running down the street trying to chase a car," neighbor Gary Heidman told KTNV, the Nevada affiliate for ABC News.

Another neighbor, Olda Guidinez said she looked out her window and heard Duran's mother yell, "Help, help. They kidnapped my daughter."

The captors then called Duran's parents twice to demand ransom.

Nevada police previously issued an Amber Alert and searched beyond Nevada in case she was taken across state lines to Southern California, Northern Arizona or Southern Utah.