Cold Case Cracked: 1978 Teen Murders Solved

Two men charged with murder in disappearance of five N.J. teens in 1978.

ByABC News
March 23, 2010, 11:13 AM

March 23, 2010— -- Two men were charged today with the murder of five New Jersey teenagers who vanished together nearly 32 years ago, closing one of the oldest and most baffling cold cases in the state's history.

Lee Evans, 58, a carpenter who in 1978 was the prime suspect in the boys' disappearance was arrested along with Philander Hampton, 53. Both men were also charged with arson.

Prosecutors said the man forced the boys into an empty home at gun point and set the house on fire.

Prosecutors believe a third man Maurice Woody-Olds, 48, was also involved, but he recently died. All three men were cousins.

Detectives believe the boys may have broken into the home of one of the men and stolen marijuana.

After three decades of chasing leads, some as far afield as the mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana, police said they were tipped off 18 months ago by a witness who came forward with information.

"With these arrests today we hope to bring closure to a 31-year-old mystery involving five teenage boys who vanished from Newark on Aug. 20, 1978,'' said Acting Essex County Prosecutor Robert Laurino. "For years their families wondered what happened on that August day. Today, we believe, that question has been answered.''

The teenagers Melvin Pittman and Ernest Taylor, who were both 17, and Alvin Turner, Randy Johnson, and Michael McDowell, who were all 16, were last seen on a busy street near a park where they had played basketball on Aug. 20, 1978.

Following their disappearance they would become known as the Clinton Avenue 5.

According to prosecutors, the boys were picked up in the evening by Evans in a pickup truck.

The boys were allegedly led to an unoccupied home in Newark where Philander rented an apartment.

"The boys were allegedly corralled at gunpoint and restrained. It is further alleged that the home was then set on fire and the boys perished in the blaze," the prosecutor's office said in statement.