Michelle Parker: Woman Goes Missing After 'The People's Court' Episode Airs

She was last seen dropping off the couple's twins at Smith's home.

ByABC News
November 20, 2011, 11:01 AM

Nov. 20, 2011— -- Authorities are continuing to search for a missing Orlando, Fla., mother who vanished last week following the airing of "The People's Court" episode on which she appeared.

Michelle Parker disappeared Thursday afternoon, the same day a previously taped episode of the court show aired featuring her and her ex-fiance, Dale Smith.

The couple appeared in court to settle a dispute over a $5,000 engagement ring.

Parker was last seen dropping off the couple's twins at Smith's home.

Her abandoned truck was found a day later.

Police gathered items from Smith's home and searched the nearby woods, but said he is not considered a suspect or a person of interest.

Parker's parents said they don't think that Smith is involved in their daughter's disappearance, according to ABC News affiliate WFTV.

"He (Smith) has fully cooperated," said Yvonne Stewart, Parker's mother. "They have found absolutely no evidence that there's any foul play on his part."

Parker's parents told WFTV Saturday that they believe their daughter was a "victim of a random crime."

Her family is making desperate pleas for her return.

"If anybody has her and are holding her hostage, please let her go. Let her come home so she can raise her babies," said Yvonne Stewart, Parker's mother.

Rocky Relationship

In their argument on "The People's Court," Parker revealed deeper conflicts in their relationship.

"He shouldn't have put his hands on me and he shouldn't have put his hands on me prior. He shouldn't have left me three or four times over the past year and a half that we've been together," she said on the show.

The show could provide clues for investigators.

"You know it's always possible that anytime you have a public display of animosity between two individuals in a relationship, it's going to exacerbate the problems between those two individuals," said Rod Wheeler, former Washington D.C. homicide investigator and current homicide consultant.

It's not the first time daytime TV has shared the headlines with a case.

Back in 1996, a man was convicted of murdering an acquaintance, after he claimed the "Jenny Jones Show" ambushed him with a gay crush confessional.

And for this case, a private dispute that played out for television audiences could be linked to this family's nightmare.

Parker's father, Brad Parker, said family members, friends, volunteers and Texas Equusearch members are searching for his daughter.

"So let's hope we find her and bring her home?," he said.