Missing Cleveland Woman Ashley Summers' Grandmother: 'Our Child Is Still Out There'

Ashley Summers' grandmother "frustrated" over no new information in her case.

ByAlexis Shaw
May 08, 2013, 4:47 PM

May 9, 2013— -- Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight are returning to their families after being held captive for a decade -- but the family of another girl missing for years from the same Cleveland neighborhood still is searching.

Ashley Summers was 14 when she went missing in July 2007, ABC Cleveland affiliate WEWS-TV reported.

When Summers vanished, authorities believed she might be linked to the other missing women.

But at a news conference Wednesday, Cleveland Deputy Police Chief Ed Tomba said investigators asked witnesses in the Berry-DeJesus-Knight case about Summers and did not uncover a connection.

"There is no new information that's come to light about her," Tomba said. "Ashley Summers is an active, open investigation."

Nevertheless, Gina DeJesus' aunt, Sandra Ruiz, asked the community to "rally together" and focus attention on helping to locate Summers, whom she called "our other family member," at a news conference on Wednesday.

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According to missing person's foundation 411GINA.org, Summers packed her clothes and took them with her when she left home. Authorities believe she left on her own will.

She reportedly called her mother, Jennifer Summers, a month after she went missing to say she was OK, according to 411GINA.org, but her whereabouts still remain unknown.

Summers' grandmother, Theresa Harris, 52, told ABC News that while she's happy that the other missing girls were reunited with their families, she feels "frustrated" that no new information has come out regarding her granddaughter's case.

"With the news development, it's kind of bringing back all these feelings that our child is still out there missing," Harris said. "I'm happy for the families, but angry that my granddaughter could be one of those girls that are held [against their will]."

Harris said she hopes the reemergence of the three missing women will bring about new information regarding the disappearance of her granddaughter.

ABC News' calls to the FBI Cleveland Division were not immediately returned.

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