Missouri Cops Rescued From Elevator With 'Severely Injured' Egos

The 12 officers were otherwise uninjured after fire department rescue. Ouch!

— -- A dozen Kansas City police officers were rescued Wednesday afternoon after getting stuck in an elevator, officials said.

The Missouri cops were training at the police academy when an elevator apparently stopped because of their combined weight.

Academy staff had to make an “embarrassing” call to the fire department for a rescue team, officials said.

“They had some good-natured fun,” Kansas City Fire Department spokesman James Garrett said. “It’s always a treat when you’re in the helping business and you get to help fellow brothers out.”

Tim Duplin of the fire department said, “They thought it was funny. It’s a good, fun rivalry that we have. We do charitable events, and softball tournaments together, but this was an unexpected encounter.”

A photo of the rescue quickly trended on social media with more than 7,000 shares on Facebook and 500 retweets on Twitter. The Kansas City Police Department posted the photo to its Facebook page Wednesday, saying, "Well, this is embarrassing."

None of the twelve officers was injured.

“Everyone was physically safe,” the police department said, “but egos were severely injured.”