See Moment North Carolina Woman Meets Doppelganger in Texas for the 1st Time

"Oh my god, that's uncanny," one of the women's partners said.

— -- A woman from Fayetteville, North Carolina, recently met her doppelganger in Spring, Texas, face-to-face for the first time -- an encounter they both said they'll "never forget" and made possible by a website called Twin Strangers.

After the "life-changing meet-ups," she said she wanted others to have the same experience she did, and she offered to help other users in the Twin Stranger community meet up.

"I got an email from Jennifer, a 33-year-old woman from Spring, Texas, who said within five minutes of signing up for our site, she found her doppelganger, Ambra, a 23-year-old woman from Fayetteville, North Carolina," Geaney said. She explained that when users register, they fill out questionnaires that ask them to choose the pictured physical features they feel they have. Once finished registering, users then get an initial list of potential strangers.

"Once we contacted Jennifer and Geaney and got their photos side-by-side, we were like 'Whoa! That's a match, we've got to get them together!'" Geaney said.

Ambra and Jennifer deferred inquiries about their meet-up to Geaney, and ABC News is respecting their wishes not to identify their surnames.

Geaney said that just a few weeks ago, she flew from Ireland to Texas to help arrange and film Ambra and Jennifer's meet-up. She helped cover the cost of Ambra's plane ticket and hotel room for the trip, she added.

The two of them both said they were "nervous" about the meet-up in the video Geaney took and uploaded to YouTube.

"I was fine right up until I got up to the elevator to come down and see her," Ambra said. "And then suddenly I was all nervous and suddenly my hands were shaking and I was like, oh my lord, I'm actually gonna meet her."

The two were speechless when they first met and couldn't stop staring at each other, the video showed.

"When I finally met her it was like oh my goodness [...] she really does have my face," Ambra said. She joked to Jennifer that her parents had spent the past two days trying to talk her out of coming because "apparently, coming to meet somebody I have no clue who they are bothers them."

Jennifer told Ambra she wasn't what she expected, but rather, "way more like me than I expected."

The two said they both shared similar "likes and dislikes" including a common interest in horses and reading.

Ambra got to meet Jennifer's mother and partner, who both freaked out after meeting her lookalike.

"How can this be?" Jennifer's mother asked Geaney upon first seeing her. "There's no way. Ya'll are just too much alike. ... You're my daughter. You look so much like my daughter. Your smiles are the same. How is this possible? Are you adopted?"

Jennifer's partner, Travis, froze the moment he met Ambra.

"Oh my god, that's uncanny!" he said. "Man, you even got the same squint. ... Oh my god, it's kind of creepy and scary but fascinating."

Geaney told ABC News that "it was very funny seeing that Ambra and Jennifer had the exact same reaction" she had when she met her doppelgangers and the experience was "so surreal" for her.

Geaney also arranged a photo shoot in which they wore similar clothing, hairstyles and makeup to try and look even more alike than they already did.

She said that though the two may be far apart, they still communicate regularly online and that they're likely never going to forget each other or their weekend together.