Mother and Daughter Vanish on New York Trip

Police are trying to connect the dots.

ByABC News
April 19, 2015, 8:36 PM

— -- A mother and daughter from eastern Long Island vanished after going on a trip to Manhattan last month, and police in New York and the small town of Southold are investigating.

On March 30, Iona Costello and her 14-year-old daughter Emily left Greenport, Long Island, for a trip to New York City.

Family members say the mother and daughter were supposed to spend a week in Manhattan, watching some shows in the Theater district.

Their last known actions are parking their car in a garage. The duo was captured on surveillance camera leaving the garage, showing no signs of distress, according to police.

"Nothing that would draw alarm that they were in any kind of trouble," Southold Town Police Chief Martin Flatley told ABC News today.

Police said the car has been recovered at the garage, undamaged. It was examined by police and everything appeared normal.

Police believe it was a planned vacation and the Costellos were expected back around April 7, Flateley said. The missing persons report was placed on April 15, he said.

The family is now worried. Their calls to Costello have gone unanswered and Emily never showed up for class at her private school in East Hampton.

Costello's mother told ABC News she hopes the two have just "gone off somewhere" and are "happy and well."

PHOTO: Iona Costello is seen in this photo posted to Iona Costello's Facebook.
Iona Costello is seen in this photo posted to Iona Costello's Facebook.

Costello, 51, a widow, is involved in a dispute with her husband's adult children from a previous marriage over his will, according to police.

"We are aware of the fact that there is a will that is contested," Flatley said. "I know it has been in the court system.

"At this point, I don't have any reason to suspect any foul play is involved," he said. "I can't speculate what their reason for being unaccounted for is."

He said there are no solid leads, but the focus is on New York City. The New York Police Department confirmed its cooperation in the investigation.

"The Costello family is very well known... extends beyond our community," Flatley said. "Everyone is very concerned that they cannot contact Iona and her daughter."

Anyone with information can call the Southold police at 631-765-2600.