Newly released video shows moment cop killed allegedly suicidal teen

The shooting has been ruled justified, officials announced today.

— -- Newly released dashcam video shows a now-former police officer fatally shooting an allegedly suicidal teenager last month.

The video, taken from two different squad cars positioned along the curb in an Overland Park, Kansas, subdivision, shows the unidentified officer emerge from the side of a house and walk into the driveway. As he does so, the garage door suddenly opens and a Honda minivan driven by 17-year-old John Albers quickly reverses out and into the driveway toward the officer.

The officer draws his weapon as the van reverses down the driveway and whips around, nearly hitting the officer. He then opens fire on the vehicle, killing Albers. Investigators have said a total of 13 shots were fired by the officer.

“Shots fired! Shots fired! He’s down! We need medical aid,” another officer can be heard yelling in the video.

Police had been called to the home on Jan. 20 following reports the teen was suicidal, officials said today at a press conference.

In the press conference, Johnson County District Attorney Stephen Howe announced the officer, who has since resigned from the department, would not be charged in Albers’ death.

“Based on the actions of that vehicle, it’s the determination of this office that the officer had reasonable belief that his life was threatened and had the right to use deadly force,” Howe said.

“No officer goes to work and wants to take a life,” Howe added.

Authorities wouldn’t say whether police had had previous experience with Albers before he was killed, but Overland Park Police Chief Frank Donchez said his officers deal with an average of seven mental health calls a day.

Donchez confirmed that the officer resigned for personal reasons in the wake of the incident. The former officer's name has not been released.