Newlyweds Accused of Thrill-Kill Craigslist Murder

Husband told police the couple had unsuccessfully tried to kill before.

ByABC News
December 7, 2013, 11:36 AM
Miranda Barbour, 18, and Elyett Barbour, 22, face criminal homicide charges after allegedly luring Troy LaFerrara to his death.
Miranda Barbour, 18, and Elyett Barbour, 22, face criminal homicide charges after allegedly luring Troy LaFerrara to his death.

Dec. 7, 2013— -- A newlywed couple is facing homicide charges, accused of allegedly luring a man to their car through Craigslist and killing him for the thrill of it.

Elyette Barbour, 22, and his wife Miranda Barbour 18, were married just three weeks when they allegedly killed Troy Laferrara, 42, after setting up a meeting with him on Craigslist.

According to police in Sunbury, Pa., Elyette Barbour said the couple had tried to kill other people in the past but were not successful until they met with Laferrara. The murder occurred on Elyette Barbour's 22nd birthday according to the police affidavit.

Police said even after arresting the couple, they were still reviewing other previous suspicious activity or events that might be related to the couple, including the death of the biological father of Miranda Barbour's 1-year-old child.

"We have unresolved issues and that is one unresolved issue," Sunbury Police Chief Stephen Mazzeo said of the unidentified man's death. "We are looking at liaising with other departments."

Mazzeo said the couple had recently moved to Pennsylvania from North Carolina and at this time police were not looking for any other accomplices in the murder.

Police arrested Miranda Barbour on Tuesday and she was charged with homicide Wednesday. She told police that she consistently met with men who wanted companionship and was compensated for this with money.

Miranda Barbour told police she met Laferrara through Craigslist and met him only once. According to police, Barbour said that after picking up Laferrara at a mall, she stabbed him only after he put his hands around her neck and groped her.

Although originally police did not arrest Elyette Barbour, they were suspicious of him after finding video of the couple buying cleaning supplies the night of Laferrara's murder.

On Friday, Elyette Barbour was arrested after allegedly admitting to police that he had been hiding in the back seat of his wife's car under a blanket when she met Laferrara.

He allegedly told police that after his wife signaled him he jumped out and wrapped a cord around Laferrara's neck as his wife stabbed him. Laferrara's body was found with 20 stab wounds, according to police.

Police said after the couple dumped Laferrara's body, they then cleaned their car and went to dinner. Elyette Barbour was arraigned Friday on charges of homicide and aggravated assault.

According to the arrest affidavit, Elyette Barbour said the couple killed Laferrara because they just wanted to murder someone together.Calls to Miranda Barbour's public defender were not immediately returned. It was unclear Saturday morning whether Elyette Barbour had an attorney.

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