Nike Foamposite Galaxy Shoes Causes Riot and eBay Bid of $2,500

The limited edition sneakers sell for $220.

ByABC News
February 24, 2012, 12:22 PM

Feb. 24, 2012— -- Sneaker-heads rioted at a Florida mall this morning and bidding became frantic on eBay as Nike's latest limited edition sneaker -- the Foamposite Galaxy -- went on sale today.

At $220 a pair, the shoes are already worth much more on the secondary market. A bidding war has erupted on eBay with several bids currently at $2,500. This morning, the shoes sparked a bid of $70,000, however eBay has since removed it.

An angry mob raged into the early morning after a Footlocker at the Florida Mall in Orlando cancelled the midnight, first-come first-serve release of 200 pairs of the shoe due to "safety concerns."

Police clad in riot gear and sporting batons and tear gas lined up around the store, hoping to disperse the angry mob of sneaker aficionados.

"People tried running over the cops. People tried just getting into that line," witness Youssef Abounouadar told ABC affiliate WFTV. "Everyone ran to the door and it started getting really hectic."

No arrests were reported, according to WFTV.

Nike produced only 1,200 pairs of the basketball shoes, which have glow-in-the-dark soles and a purple and pink galactic swirl pattern. They went on sale at a handful of stores across the U.S. early this morning, coinciding with the beginning of the NBA All-Star Game weekend.

Extra officers were called to maintain a relatively peaceful crowd at the Greenwood Mall in Greenwod, Ind., according to ABC's Indianapolis affiliate. Police were also present at malls in Maryland and New York. One arrest was reported for disorderly conduct at a Hyattsville, Md., mall.