NJ Couple Snowed In After Historic Blizzard

The couple's front door was completely blocked by a snow drift.

Yin told ABC News that he and his wife were shocked to realize that their door was practically sealed shut from the snow. The snow even had the imprint of the door.

New Jersey's Middlesex County, where the couple lives, was slammed with 27 inches of snow.

"My wife was worried. That’s why we emailed our property manager," Yin said.

The dangerous weather conditions prevented a crew from getting to the family until Sunday morning. Yin said it took about an hour for the snow to be cleared away from the door. Yin said his neighbors' front doors were spared.

Throughout the duration of the storm, Yin and his wife checked their garage and back door to make sure they had a clear exit in case of an emergency.

Yin said he had fun with his crazy situation, posting photos of the snow drift to family and friends.