NJ Family Says Home was Targeted in Pipe Bomb Attack Because of Video Game Dispute

A New Jersey family says their home was targeted by three young neighbors in a pipe bomb attack that stems from an online video game dispute.

Boanerges Bezerra awoke early this past Saturday and quickly moved his wife and their three children out of the house after dialing for police. Luckily no one was hurt in the incident despite three homemade pipe bombs landing on the property in Monroe, N.J.

Police say Matthew Debski, 20, and brothers Michael Cavallo, 22 and Jonathan Cavallo, 18, are responsible for the attack and live in the same neighborhood as the Bezerras.

According to reports, the dispute began almost two years with a disagreement between the three men and Bezerra's son over an online video game.

"They have too much time on their hands," said Bezerra. "They don't work and that's a problem."

Bezerra said he heard an explosion outside the house and dialed for police.

"Someone has just exploded things outside our house," Bezerra is heard telling the police operator on a 911 call during the incident.

It was such a shocking 911 call that even the operator had to ask again to make sure she heard it right.

"There were explosions outside our house and something's burning. Please hurry," says Bezerra.

One of the pipe bombs blasted through the bedroom of Bezerra's 14-year-old daughter, missing her by mere feet. Another pipe bomb started a fire in the attic. The family began to flee the house when a third pipe bomb was allegedly launched toward the home.

Debski and the Cavallos were arrested following the attack and face 21 charges — including arson, aggravated assault and trespassing, according to The Star-Ledger.

Bezerra says the three allegedly responsible for the attack have been terrorizing the family for years. Bezerra's wife Jeanne told the newspaper that the family started seeing "escalating incidents" from Debski and the Cavallo brothers.

In recent months, Bezerra said fireworks were set off outside her bedroom window and car windows were broken.