Notre Dame Football Star Manti Te'o Faces Tough Questions

Manti Te'o tweeted Lennay Kekua twice after her "death."

ByABC News
January 17, 2013, 9:45 AM

SOUTH BEND, Ind. Jan. 17, 2013 — -- Notre Dame's star linebackerManti Te'o faces a problem bigger than any running back he's had to bring down.

As the elaborate hoax about his dead "girlfriend" unravels, many questions remain to be answered, chief among them whether he was complicit in promoting the dramatic story of his girlfriend's death from leukemia. Te'o may soon be forced to tackle those questions himself.

"A lot of people are very suspicious when Te'o says he had no idea and he was just a sucker in this," Deadspin writer Timothy Burke said on "Good Morning America" today. "Why would somebody go to such great lengths to hoax him like that?"

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Burke's Deadspin story broke the scandal, forcing Te'o and Notre Dame to admit the girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, never existed. Notre Dame claims that Te'o is the victim of a "cruel hoax."

"[Notre Dame is] sticking to his story and they're going to, I think, fight and make every sort of attempt they can to prove he had no idea this was going on and that he was the unfortunate victim of a year-long prank," Burke said.

But it won't be easy.

"I think that there are some questions about when he became aware of it, simply because Notre Dame and Te'o's statement have indicated that he found out about it in late December, but he chose not to correct or identify when he was asked before the BCS Championship game about his girlfriend," he said. The championship game was played on Jan. 7.

Burke said he is particularly eager for answers about the story Te'o told of meeting his girlfriend in 2009 and his father Brian Te'o's statements about how the purported girlfriend used to visit Manti in Hawaii.

What is clear is that Te'o tweeted Kekua twice after she was reported to have died on Sept. 11 or 12, 2012.

On Sept. 12, the day after his grandmother's death, Te'o tweeted to his purportedly deceased girlfriend, "You will always be with me wherever I go! Tell dad, BJ, papa Ima, papa Santiago, and grandma that I said hello! I love you! #574L."

Nearly two months later, on Nov. 6, he tweeted her again saying, "I miss you!"

Those tweets may be an indication of his sincerity or, to skeptics, elaborately planted fake evidence of his heartbreak.

One of Te'o's teammates who asked not to be identified told ABC News that the news of the hoax has been "just crazy" and that he believes that Te'o was a victim of the hoax.

When asked what the team has been saying, he said, "I can't talk. Team rules."

The teammate said that Te'o did have a local girlfriend since last summer, but declined to elaborate.

Other students have expressed similar support for their star linebacker.

"We were all really shocked for sure and definitely almost heartbroken that something this crazy and just this terrible could happen to someone that we all look up to," student Rachel Seral said. She said that students "stand behind him 100 percent."

"I do believe him," student Francesca Simon said. "Of course there are some suspicious parts of the story, but it's hard to believe that someone could do something so cruel. And I hope that he's telling the truth and wouldn't let people that have faith in him down."

Students said they hoped the situation would "blow over" soon so that Te'o could move on with his career.

The university's athletic director Jack Swarbrick said at a Wednesday night news conference that the school was not speaking for Te'o.