N.Y. Bullied Bus Monitor Meets the Man Behind the Donations

Klein got to meet her anonymous benefactor who started the online fundraiser.

ByABC News
June 27, 2012, 3:20 AM

June 27, 2012— -- A bullied bus monitor finally got to meet the anonymous benefactor who began the online website that has raised more than $659,000 for her.

Karen Klein, 68, welcomed Max Sidorov into her Greece, N.Y., home Tuesday night.

"Great. Great. Nice guy, nice guy," Klein said. "I'm very appreciative."

Klein became a public symbol for the abusive bullying after video was posted online showing four seventh-grade boys hurling taunts and crude jokes at her. The video was seen more than 2 million times on YouTube.

Sidorov, who is from Toronto, said he was bullied once, too. After seeing the video, he said, he had to do something. "I know how it feels, nobody should have to go through that, ever," Sidorov said.

Sidorov set up a website asking for donations to send Klein on a vacation with his original goal set at $5,000. In its first 24 hours, the fundraising campaign -- on Indiegogo.com, a website that helps advocates raise money for various causes -- raised $125,000.

More than 7,500 signatures have accumulated on a Change.org petition urging President Obama to allow Klein to receive the donations tax-free, even though the money is not taxable.

"I didn't think anyone expected anything like this," Sidorov said.

"I need new carpeting, maybe a paint job here and there. Pay off all my bills so that I can retire," Klein said.

Klein, a grandmother of eight, one with Down syndrome, said she will donate part of the money to support research.

"I almost feel like I don't deserve it," Klein said. "They should be sending their donations to other people that have more problems than I do."

Most of all, Klein said she is grateful to Sidorov for turning something painful into something beautiful. "My wrist band says be a buddy, not a bully," Klein said.

Sidorov said, "That's right. If everyone gave each other support and kindness, none of this would ever happen anywhere."

The fundraising campaign will remain open for 24 more days.

It has been a whirlwind ride for Klein after the video incited outrage and sympathy in equal measure. CNN's Anderson Cooper offered to pay for Klein to take nine of her family or friends with her on a three-night visit to Disneyland. The Walt Disney Co., ABC News' parent company, offered Klein a vacation at Disney World.

While Klein said she would not press charges against the boys and hopes they will not be expelled, the Greece School Board is considering suspending them for one year.