Officer's body cam captures near-death experience being hit by train

The officer's injuries were not critical and he is now recovering at home.

Video captured what could have easily been a Georgia police officer's last moments as he was hit by a moving train.

Polk County Police Department officer Andy Anderson miraculously survived being struck by a train last week in a terrifying close call that was documented by his 3D body-worn camera, authorities said.

Anderson was chasing a suspected robber who fled into a wooded area surrounding the train tracks in Polk County, located about an hour west of Atlanta. Authorities said he was so focused on catching the suspect that he didn't step far enough away from the tracks -- or see the oncoming train.

The Polk County Police Department shared video captured by the officer's body cam, documenting the moment of impact. The train, blowing its horn, appeared to be just a few feet away from Anderson as he continued to chase down the suspect.

Seconds later, the video showed the officer being knocked into the woods from the train's force. He landed in bushes beside the tracks and could be heard moaning for help for several minutes.

His injuries were not critical and he was released from the hospital on Sunday.

Polk County Police Department Chief Kenny Dodd said Anderson suffered numerous broken bones, but he was in good spirits overall.

The department also shared an image of the officer giving a thumbs up from his hospital bed before his release.

The burglary suspect, 18-year-old Jayden Moats, was apprehended in his hometown of Rockmart, Georgia, on Monday afternoon, according to the police department. He was charged with with burglary in the first degree, and criminal trespassing.

It's unclear if he has retained an attorney.

ABC News' Ben Stein contributed to this report.

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