Ohio High School Shooting: Student Suspect to Be Tried as Adult

Hundreds gather to mourn the victims of the random shooting.

ByABC News
February 29, 2012, 3:48 AM

Feb. 29, 2012— -- Hundreds of people gathered at a church in Chardon, Ohio, last night to mourn and pray for the victims of the shooting at Chardon High School where three students have died of their injuries and two remain hospitalized.

Prosecutors told ABC News that they plan to charge the alleged shooter T.J. Lane as an adult. The 17-year-old now stands accused of murdering the three students that he "chose randomly," according to a prosecutor.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich attended the church gathering Tuesday, where he spoke to the mourners about standing together after a horrible tragedy.

"It's all about love. It's about reaching out to people who you never thought about reaching out to before. It's about making everyone feel special for who they are," Kasich told the mourners.

One of Lane's own friends who witnessed the shooting, ABC News has learned, posted a message on Facebook about his friend.

"I wanted so bad to try and help you but i could see in your eyes you didn't care anymore. I'm sorry buddy," the posting read.

Russell King and Demetrius Hewlin, students wounded in Monday's shooting, died Wednesday morning, officials said, while Nick Walczak remains in the hospital and Joy Rickers has been released from the hospital.

Another victim, identified by MetroHealth Hospital as Daniel Parmertor, died from the wounds on Monday, hours after being shot.

Lane made his first appearance in juvenile court Tuesday. The judge did not allow the accused to be shown on camera, and the prosecutor did not provide a motive for the lethal shooting spree. However, at a news conference shortly after the court hearing, prosecutor David Joyce said, "This is not about bullying. This is not about drugs. This is someone who is not well."

"[Lane] confessed to taking the pistol and admitted he went into the cafeteria and shot 10 rounds," Joyce said. "[He said he] did not know the students, but chose them randomly."

The prosecutor alleged that Lane went to Chardon High School with a .22 caliber handgun and a knife. He shot four students in the cafeteria and one in the hallway before leaving the school. He was detained by police within a mile of the school.

In court Lane appeared shy, saying only "yes, sir" in answer to a judge's questions as his eyes darted back to the floor.

Lane has not yet been charged, but Joyce said he expected Lane to be charged with three counts of aggravated murder. Joyce also said that he will "absolutely" want to try Lane as an adult.

Lane's grandfather and two aunts sat beside him in court. Joyce asked that Lane be kept in detention and his attorney did not object, so the judge ordered Lane to be taken to a detention facility.

"TJ Lane will remain in detention during proceedings due to serious nature of allegations and charges," Judge Timothy Grendell said.

9-1-1calls relating to the shooting released by the Chardon Police Department paint a picture of the chilling, chaotic moment as Lane allegedly murdered his victims.

"Chardon High School calling. We are in lockdown. We need assistance right now. There's a student with a gun," a woman says in one call.

A man tells the dispatcher, "Three down in the cafeteria. Students down. We need an ambulance."

The school's principal described the shooter's appearance to the dispatcher as, "white t-shirt, shaggy dark hair, tall, skinny."