How an Ohio Woman's Car Ended Up Vertical on a Utility Pole

Police said the distracted driver turned around to feed her baby a cookie.

The 30-year-old woman was driving in a residential area in Youngstown, Ohio, just after 1 p.m. on Thursday, the Youngstown Police Department told ABC News. She turned around to give her 1-year-old child a snack, which police were told was a cookie, and when she turned back around, her car had scaled a utility pole, according to Youngstown Lt. William Ross.

“She was more interested in giving her child the food than paying attention to her driving,” Ross said. “She turned back around and her car was driving up a guide wire to a utility pole.”

Neither the woman nor her baby were injured and the woman was able to get herself and her child out of the car safely, Ross said.

“There was really no damage to the car,” Ross said. “Just a little bit of scraping but it’s basically undamaged.”

The local towing company pulled the car off of the pole “the same way it went on," Ross said.

The woman was not given a citation by police.

“The police just let it go as a lesson learned," Ross said.