Oklahoma Teacher Writes Open Letter Asking Parents to 'Love' Their Kids Like He Does

Steven Wedel blamed parents and lawmakers for the students' misfortunes.

— -- An Oklahoma City English teacher wrote what he calls a brutally honest open letter asking the parents of his students to "love your children the way we love your children."

In the letter, 49-year-old Steve Wedel admonishes irresponsible parents and "inept" lawmakers for the struggles he says he faces as a teacher.

"I teach them to look behind your lies and rhetoric," Wedel wrote about his students. "I teach them to think for themselves."

Wedel said although the sentiments in the letter have been bubbling up for some time, the final straw was when budget cuts eliminated the after-school activity buses that take home underclassmen student council members. He is the faculty sponsor of student council activities at Western Heights High School.

"That was very upsetting to me," Wedel told ABC News today.

Wedel sat down to write the letter Friday morning and published it to his website. To his surprise, it had been viewed more than 10,000 times by the next day. So far, the blog post has been viewed more than 39,000 times, and he says he has received thousands of comments, mostly positive, on social media.