Oklahoma woman fined after bragging to game warden about killing deer on dating app

The woman also sent pictures of the dead deer over the app.

People are often warned to be careful about what they post on social media. One Oklahoma woman found out the hard way that the same goes for dating apps.

The woman paid deerly when she told a man matched with on the dating app Bumble about killing a deer illegally, not realizing the match on the other end was an Oklahoma game warden.

The woman, who officials did not name, bragged about shooting a “bigo buck” to her dating app match, Cannon Harrison, a game warden for McIntosh County, then revealed she used a spotlight to help her kill it. After Harrison asked for pictures, the woman sent photos of the dead deer, at least one of which featured someone holding it by the antlers.

Harrison told ABC News that only hunting through archery was allowed, but the woman told him she had her spotlight fixated on the deer and then shot it. According to the hunting guide from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, deer archery season is set to run from Oct. 1, 2018 through Jan. 15, 2019.

Harrison said he was “in disbelief” when the Bumble conversation went the direction it did. He said he searched on social media and was able to find who she was, as well as a phone number and address for her.

He then went to visit the woman in his capacity as a game warden the next morning.

Harrison told ABC News the woman realized he was her Bumble match about 30 minutes after their initial interview. The woman and another man were fined a combined total of $2,400 for the deer-killing incident.

Harrison shared screenshots of the conversation, which took place in December, on the Oklahoma Game Warden's Facebook page on Jan. 6.