OSU Homecoming Crash Suspect Charged With Second Degree Murder

Her attorney says she may suffer from a mental illness.

ByABC News
October 25, 2015, 7:29 PM

— -- The woman whose car plowed into a crowd of people during the Oklahoma State homecoming celebration, killing four and injuring 46 more, is now facing four counts of second degree murder, Stillwater police said today.

The murder charges added today against Adacia Chambers, 25, are in addition to the initial charge of driving under the influence that she was arrested on Saturday.

Blood samples taken from Chambers will be sent to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for testing, Stillwater Police Department spokesman Capt. Kyle Gibbs said. Chambers was moved today from the Stillwater Police Department jail to the Payne County jail, where she will await and initial court appearance on Monday.

Chambers' lawyer said today that after meeting with his client he believes she may have blacked out at the time of the incident and that it appears to him she may have a mental illness.

The lawyer, Tony Coleman, said Chambers was unable to tell him what happened during the incident, and it seemed to him that she may have blacked out.

"I have represented and am currently representing several with mental illnesses and in my opinion, Ms. Chambers suffers from a mental illness -- exactly what type is unknown," Coleman said.

"There was a period where I think that for a lack a better term, she might've blacked out," he said. "She only remembers from what was communicated to me -- the end of the crash -- people removing her from the car -- shards of glass being everywhere."

He said he did not smell alcohol on Chambers' breath or body when he met with her. He said according to all reports he was able to gather from people who know her, Chambers is not a drinker and does not do drugs.

"She wasn't drunk, from what I experienced," he said.

Coleman said he wanted to have a psychiatrist or psychologist evaluate her for mental illness.

He also said that Chambers' boyfriend and some family members said they believed she may have undiagnosed diabetes.