See Panda Cub Bei Bei Take His 'Adorably Wobbly' First Steps

One small step for Bei Bei.

— -- Kids…they grow up so fast.

The zoo’s 24-hour panda cam captured the sweet moment between mother and son, showing momma Mei Xiang keeping an eye on her cub as he works out the technicalities of walking. When Bei Bei tumbles over, we see mom wrap him up in a giant bear hug.

Now that Bei Bei is walking, he will be able to wander around and eventually leave the den and explore his indoor enclosure, the zoo said.

The little guy weighed 9.6 pounds on Oct. 30. The zoo has been chronicling Bei Bei’s growth on social media with adorable videos of the cub sneezing and snuggling with his mom.

Now that Bei Bei is on the move, the panda-monium has surely just begun!